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Continuous quality improvement by processes; validation using structures. Directed by methods, executed by our employees!

Quality policy

Quality forms the basis for all activities in KOSTAL: each individual employee has a significant contribution to make to Quality. The Quality policy forms the basis of the work carried out by all KOSTAL employees around the world.

The "Zero-Defect" philosophy applies to all our products, processes and services, as an essential in securing the future of the company.

Our over-riding objective is the total satisfaction of our customers : we achieve this by fault-free products and services, by 100 % punctuality and by friendly and competent co-operation with our customers' employees.

The need for continuous improvement means that each and every employee must be fully aware of the quality aspects of his or her individual work, as well the active contribution he or she can make to achieve continuous improvement in KOSTAL's products, processes and services.

Quality-based thinking and operation

To achieve our Quality objectives, the skills and capabilities of our employees must be developed and strengthened on a continuous basis, in terms of customer and quality-oriented thinking and operations.

Quality through Leadership

Our managers must set an example for their employees. They must formulate clear and achievable goals and must support the employees in the achievement of these goals. The managers are responsible for the achievement of the objectives which they set.

Quality in international competition

It is the declared aim of the company to demonstrate its world-wide competitiveness by gaining international quality certifications and awards.

Quality strategy
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Quality check on a steering column switch, covering functional tests under different conditions:


low temperature


 ISO/TS 16949
 ISO 9001 Download
 Automobile Electrical
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Industrial Electronics (682 KB)
Connectors (266 KB)
Brazil Maunus (258 KB)
Brazil Sao Bernardo (262 KB) - EN
Brazil Sao Bernardo (257 KB) - PT
Bulgaria (259 KB)
China Shanghai
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China Changchun
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Germany Halver
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 Morocco - ISO 9000
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 Morocco - TS 16949
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Spain (256 KB)
Czech Republic Zdice (257 KB)
Ukraine (265 KB)
Mexico (264 KB)
Mexico Acambaro (263 KB)

 Instruments to achieve
 Quality at KOSTAL
1. Training of employees
2. Quality Planning
3. Product Testing
4. Quality Control at Multiple Production Stages
5. Online-Communicaton

> Business Divisions
> Subsidiary companies
> Facts & Figures
> Company history
> Quality policy
> Environmental policy

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